Single-Temperiertechnik Water Advanced
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Water Advanced

As part of Water Advanced product family, the all-purpose, high-temperature water-operated temperature control systems of the N-G and H product lines are equipped for operation far above the atmospheric boiling point with temperatures of up to 225 °C. With their wide temperature and dimensional range which covers medium to very large capacities, they provide the basis for numerous special projects. Thanks to their high reliability and precision and virtually unlimited application options they meet a variety of requirements.

Compared to heat transfer oil, the use of water as a circulating medium provides several physical and economic benefits – particularly when operating with higher temperatures. In addition to the benefits mentioned above, superior pump technology enhances the economic advantages of the Water Advanced product family. The systems are mainly equipped with high-quality, multi-stage centrifugal pumps with a high level of efficiency, which can directly affect the system’s energy consumption.

Standard equipment


  • Rugged, powder-coated sheet steel housing
  • Automatic filling and replenishing
  • Roller mounted


  • Hydraulic equipment stainless steel / non-ferrous metals for type N and NS
  • Hydraulic equipment stainless steel for type H0, H1, H2, HK
  • Incolloy heater
  • High-quality pump materials
  • Dirt traps in return and cooling water supply line
  • Flow metering by means of differential pressure

Electric and control equipment

  • SCT standard controller with 7" touch screen (optional SCT professional)
  • Heating control by solid state relay with fail-safe pilot contractor
  • Eletronic safety temperature limiter
  • Switch box to IP54
  • Cable connector without plug


  • Booster pump
  • Direct cooling without heat exchanger up to 120 °C
  • Hot-water heating
  • Plate heat-exchanger for highly efficient cooling capacity up to 150 °C
  • Continuous-circulation heat exchanger
  • Pneumatic mould drainage
  • Control by pneumatic or motor-driven continuous control valves
  • Connection for various analogue and digital electric interfaces
  • EcoTemp system for cyclic temperature control
  • SBC controller
  • Numerous sizing and customized options to fit most any application

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