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SCT standard and SCT professional

Modern temperature control technology is expected to meet a wide range of control and parameterisation requirements. SINGLE SCT controllers for closed and open-loop control are perfect for tapping into the full potential of SINGLE temperature control systems to suit individual requirements. Available as SCT standard and SCT professional, the controller can be operated in different languages and has a 7" colour touch screen.

Standard equipment

Display and operation

  • 7" touch screen with personification options for the arrangement of operating elements and process views
  • Detailed operation, warning and alarm messages as well as parameter designations
  • Text messages can be received and called up in numerous language
  • Graphic presentation of measured and limit values of basic temperatures and flow rate
  • Trouble shooting tips can be called up in case of alarm
  • Programme controller function with any required number of programme steps and ramp functions
  • Parameters for different moulds can be stored

Functional range

  • Second setpoint with setpoint switching, regulation ratio
  • Alarm history
  • Log for documenting the system history
  • Digital interfaces via RS 232, RS 485, customized protocols TTY, Profibus DP, CAN Bus, Euromap 66, SPI, Modbus, Ethernet (optional)
  • Several interfaces can be open at the same time for operation with different machines
  • Substantial control and parameter options to solve temperature control tasks
  • Real-time clock with clock relay function


  • USB port for uploading und downloading parameters and process data
  • System-specific documents can be called up and downloaded (technical documentation, spare part lists)
  • Expert mode for professionals and service technicians for diagnostics and system analysis
  • Screen saver for longer service life of the control system
  • Selection of different temperature sensor inputs
  • Control via interconnection of internal and external temperature sensor with quasi-cascade control
  • Automatically generated maintenance reminder message

Additional features: SCT professional

  • Pressure display and limit function in connection with optional pressure sensor
  • Analogue interface to communicate setpoint and actual value via electric or voltage signal
  • Substantial control and parameter options for handling special temperature control processes and systems
  • Analogue heating and cooling outputs


  • GSM module for sending warning messages to technicians (e.g. SINGLE Service)
  • Optional pump control with frequency converter for energy-saving mode and volume flow control, depending on technical requirements
  • Optional second hysteresis for cooling applications

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