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SCT SINGLE Controller

SCT Standard and SCT Professional Controllers

Modern temperature control technology is expected to meet a wide range of control and parameterization requirements. SINGLE SCT controllers for closed-loop and open-loop control are perfect for tapping the full potential of SINGLE temperature-control units to suit individual requirements. Available as SCT Standard and SCT Professional, the controllers provide instructions in several languages, an intuitive user interface and a graphics-enabled color display. All SINGLE temperature control systems except the STL and Mini series are equipped with the new SCT standard open-loop and closed-loop technology.




Smart Controller

At the heart of the device and Smart Line is the new Single controller. Its so ware regulates the temperature control unit and ensures that it is Industry 4.0-ready.

The Smart Controller is used to control device functionality. It offers users a comprehensive range of options to manage control behavior.

The controller has an extensive array of feldbus interfaces: 20mA TTY, RS232, RS485, Euromap 66, Pro bus, OPC UA. These are hardware components which are enabled via an activation process

  • 7“ capacitive touch display.
  • Precise temperature control with a 0.1 °C resolution.
  • Actionable process control based on sensor selection, including 5 temperature sensors, flow, pressure (some optional).
  • Diagnostic unit for device status assessment (optional).
  • Web server for Ethernet-based communication, in particular with the Smart Hub.
  • OPC UA ready.
  • 16 different languages including Japanese, Chinese and Korean.
  • 4-week off line storage for process data.
  • Downloadable PDF documentation stored on the device.
  • Easy-to-view spare parts list.