Single-Temperiertechnik Oil Advanced
Single-Temperiertechnik Oil Advanced Open

Oil Advanced

High-temperature oil-operated temperature control systems for temperatures up to 350 °C are recommended for applications that rule out other temperature control media due to high temperature requirements. Thanks to its wide variety of options for capacity, temperature range and dimensions, the Oil Advanced product family is suitable for many different processes and requirements within a wide capacity range. With its virtually unlimited amount of options and equipment variations, maximum reliability and precision, the systems meet every demand.

Standard equipment


  • Rugged, powder-coated sheet steel housing
  • High-quality materials
  • Roller mounted


  • Magnetically coupled pumps for D1 through to D2 (otherwise optional)
  • Dirt traps in return and cooling water supply line
  • Flow metering by means of differential pressure

Electric and control equipment

  • SCT controller with 7" touch screen
  • Heating control by solid state relay with fail-safe pilot contactor
  • Electronic safety temperature limiter
  • Switch box to IP54
  • Cable connector without plug


  • SBC controller
  • Vapour heating
  • Control by pneumatic or motor-driven continuous control valves
  • Heat exchanger bypass on the temperature-control fluid side
  • Connection for various analogue and digital electric interfaces
  • Numerous sizing and customized options to fit most any application

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