SINGLE’s broad product portfolio offers high quality Temperature Control Units (TCUs) that are energy-efficient with advanced control capabilities.  This portfolio also includes customizable temperature control systems, heat transfer units and water-to-water chillers.  All products are made from premium-quality parts and are constructed to meet strict ISO9001 standards.

Temperature Control Units to Meet Process Requirements

SINGLE’s extensive portfolio of high-quality temperature control systems are engineered and designed to meet the specifications for various industries.  Using oil or water as a transfer medium, SINGLE’s units are suitable for a broad temperature range of up to 350°C (662°F).  The product line is also customizable to meet the temperature control requirements in most all applications.                 

Alternating Temperature Technology

SINGLE is also a leader in the Variotherm Temperature Control field with Alternating Temperature Technology (ATT) systems that enhance part quality by eliminating visible weld lines while potentially decreasing cycle times.

Special solutions for special projects

SINGLE has a full engineering and technical team that can evaluate processes and present options to increase efficiencies of systems, or design customized solutions for a particular application.