The core competency of SINGLE is the development and production of high-performance, energy-efficient Temperature Control Units (TCUs).  With approximately 140 staff members worldwide and representations in more than thirty countries, SINGLE has become firmly established among the leading providers in the temperature control and cooling technologies market.

Competence through experience
Clients benefit from our expertise which is based on more than forty years of experience in the area of equipment and plant engineering. SINGLE caters predominantly to plastics processors and manufacturers of plastics processing machinery.  Our technologies also apply to companies from the die-casting, chemical, pharmaceutical and food production industries as well as customers from test and semi-conductor engineering.

 Innovation through inventive talent
SINGLE develops technologically advanced solutions in close cooperation with our customers. Our goal is a partnership with our clients to generate new developments with a technological, ecological and economical edge. We offer both standard products and customized technology solutions for most any process requirements.